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Polo Shirts

Inspired by our “Passion For Learning Logo”, 4 key colours have been chosen to provide the opportunity for choice, whilst supporting a sense of collegiality and pride in our school. Natural fibres have been chosen for the children’s comfort.

Children may choose to wear any of the our range of these colours.


Skirts, Shorts and Trousers

A range of practical bottom pieces have been designed, again to provide comfort and choice, whilst promoting a sense of pride in appearance.  Boys can choose to wear trousers and shorts. Girls can choose trousers , shorts or skirts.  Our Muslim girls may wear scarves and leggings with the skirt, in the same colours as their polo tops to compliment the uniform, whilst upholding cultural standards.

Bags and Hats

The new school building has staircases and wide corridors which are intended as additional learning spaces. Bags therefore need to fit on pegs or inside cubby holes. Children will be expected to hold the handrail when ascending and descending staircases. For these reasons trolley bags will not be allowed in the new school building. Current Green and Red School Bags will still be used and a small backpack is recommended for any additional items.


We want our children to be safe and comfortable in school. The new school building has staircases and will include lots of space for walking and moving around. Children need to have shoes that will ensure their feet are supported and they do not trip.

Parents may chose the style of footwear they believe is best for their child, however we do request the following:

  • Shoes should have a low heel and safe sole to prevent slipping

  • Shoes should have a back strap to keep them securely on the foot when walking up and downstairs

  • Please do not send your child to school in Crocs or Flip Flops

  • We suggest a neutral colour if possible


Footwear for P.E.

Parents may chose the style of footwear for PE that they feel is best for their child, however,  for health and safety reasons, the following information must be taken in account. It is important that pupils are wearing the correct footwear and examples of acceptable trainers / sports shoes are given below.  Please ensure the sports shoes are the correct size and provide adequate support for your child.

High tops and fashion trainers such as these are unacceptable and do not provide adequate support.

P.E. Kit

At PDO School, we recognise Physical Education (P.E.) as a key area of learning within the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Physical activity is integral to the good health of our children and thus, suitable P.E. kit is essential in ensuring that pupils access the P.E. curriculum to its potential, and participate safely and comfortably in physical activity. We believe that a uniform kit encourages our children to have a sense of belonging to a community and promotes a feeling of pride and equality.  Our PE Kit reflects the main colours of the uniform and is made from cool, dry fit fabric.  

All jewelry must be removed for P.E.  If a student has newly pierced ears (i.e. 6 weeks or less) then earrings must be covered completely. Long hair must be tied back in order to prevent entanglement in apparatus and to prevent it obscuring vision.